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Pick from a selection of freshly baked 9" pies to add the finishing touch to your meal. Order deadline 12-17-18

Apple $12.95  Qty: Price:
Apple Caramel Walnut $12.95  Qty: Price:
Apple Crumb $12.95  Qty: Price:
Blueberry Pie $12.95  Qty: Price:
Cherry Pie $12.95  Qty: Price:
Lemon Blueberry Pie $12.95  Qty: Price:
Peach pie $12.95  Qty: Price:
Peach Raspberry Almond $12.95  Qty: Price:
Pecan Pie $12.95  Qty: Price:
Pumpkin Pie $12.95  Qty: Price:
Sweet Potato Pie $12.95  Qty: Price:
Very Berry Pie $12.95  Qty: Price:
Pumpkin Roll $9.00  Qty: Price:
Red Velvet Roll $9.00  Qty: Price:
1/2 pie - Apple $6.95  Qty: Price:
1/2 pie - Apple Carm Waln $6.95  Qty: Price:
1/2 pie - Apple Crumb $6.95  Qty: Price:
1/2 pie - Blueberry $6.95  Qty: Price:
1/2 pie - Cherry $6.95  Qty: Price:
1/2 pie - Lemon Blueberry $6.95  Qty: Price:
1/2 pie - Peach Rasp Alm $6.95  Qty: Price:
1/2 pie - Pecan $6.95  Qty: Price:
1/2 pie - Pumpkin $6.95  Qty: Price:
1/2 pie - Sweet Potato $6.95  Qty: Price:
1/2 pie - Very Berry $6.95  Qty: Price:
Will be available for pickup or delivery on or after Dec 21, 2018

For pies, choose from:

  • Apple pie covered in caramel and walnuts, serve warm with ice cream...
  • Blueberry pie made with the finest blueberries picked at their peak.
  • Lemon zest and a lemon glaze make the blueberry flavor explode in your mouth in our Lemon Blueberry pie.
  • The beautiful marriage of peaches and raspberries topped with raspberry glaze and slivers of almonds create a delectable taste sensation in our Peach Raspberry Almond pie.
  • Pumpkin or Red Velvet cake and cream cheese rolled up into a stunning 6" log. A stunning (and delicious) end to the meal for $9.00.
  • 1/2 pies are 9" pies that are, you guessed it, cut in half.
  • ...and more!
  • The taste of home-made without all the work.

    Pick up is available between 9 and 6 on Friday 12/21, 9-5 on Saturday 12/22, or 9-3 on Monday 12/24 at the farm (1431 Foulk Rd, Wilmington, DE). Pick up at Fitler Square is Saturday 12/22 between 9 and 2 (23rd & Pine St, Philadelphia, PA).

      We are a small family farm that has been growing fresh fruits and vegetables since 1832. We grow most everything in its season, from asparagus and strawberries in the spring, blueberries, raspberries, peaches, heirloom tomatoes, and corn in the summer, to apples, butternut, and pumpkins in the fall. Four greenhouses extend our seasons and provide winter crops such as spinach, kale, Swiss Chard, lettuces, and arugula. We run a year-round CSA program with a variety of options, and the market at the farm is open 6 days per week, closed on Sundays. We also have drop off points in Philadelphia for our CSA program. We are located on the north side of Wilmington, easily accessible from Rt. 202, I-95, and well-marked local roads.

    Eat locally grown food – Save time and money – Eat seasonally – Eat fresh!